Cariboo Wool Mattress Pad

The Cariboo Wool Mattress Pad is a natural, breathable insulator that provides extra cushioning and soothes your body while you sleep. You may place it over your existing mattress.

Deluxe Wool Pad 2-1/2 inches thick, Channel Stitched.

Size Wool Fill
Crib 30 x 50 inches 1.5 lbs
Twin 39 x 74 inches 4 lbs
Double 54 x 79 inches 6 lbs
Queen 60 x 79 inches 8 lbs
King 78 x 82 inches 10 lbs
Wool Matress Pad

Cariboo Wool Duvet

The Cariboo Wool Duvet keeps you toasty warm in winter, and cool in summer. Enjoy a restful sleep without the contents shifting or bunching. This wool duvet is Box Stitched for good stabilization.
Size Wool Fill
Crib 30 x 50 inches 1.5 lbs
Twin 66 x 84 inches 3 lbs
Double 80 x 84 inches 4 lbs
Queen 86 x 90 inches 5 lbs
King 104 x 90 inches 6 lbs
Llama Wool Duvet

Cariboo Wool Pillows

Cariboo Wool Pillows come in three weights that offer firm, medium, or soft support. They are incredibly resilient, filled with 100% sheep's wool, and will take you to the Land of Dreams in blissful comfort.
Standard 20 x 26 inches
Queen 20 x 29 inches
King 20 x 39 inches

Duvet Cover

Our covers are made of organic Egyptian cotton. Both are soft against your skin, and breathe naturally. Each set comes with matching pillow cases. We use durable coconut buttons as closures for our duvet covers and pillow cases. 

Easy care - just throw in the washer with your other linens, and tumble dry.

Duvet Covers

Llama Throws

Our throws are Llama fiber covered in organic Egyptian cotton and box stitched. The throw is available with different colored removable covers, as seen in picture or in the natural unbleached cotton. Price includes removable cover. Llama Wool Throw